For Java and Windows

Ex Lumina's debut software offering lets you add the popular XBox 360 controller to your Java applications for Windows 10.

You'll add a single jar file to your path, and be able to have the buttons on your controller linked to Swing buttons on your screen. Or you can use conventional listeners that get called when you press a controller button. You can link the sticks and triggers on your controller to Swing sliders and scrollbars, or use listeners that get called whenever a stick or a trigger moves. If you prefer, you can always just poll the entire controller to learn its state.

Open-source or Commercial

J360Controller is offered as an open-source program, under GPL 3. If the terms of the GPL don't meet your needs (that is, if you'd like to use J360Controller in your application, but you don't want to make your source code public), we offer a commerical license. Just contact us for more information.

Complete Support Online

Using J360Controller is easy. A full set of tutorials is available here, as is the complete javadoc. Download J360Controller from our SourceForge site. And please use our J360Controller forum to tell us what you think and how you've used it. We'd love to know what you're up to!