Getting Started

Using J360Controller to give your Windows Java applications access to an XBox controller is easy. These lessons show you everything you need to know. Most of the time, you'll probably (though you don't have to) use just one of the three access options: polling, listeners, or Swing controls. We've provided a set of lessons for each option. But, we recommend that you read and try the first lesson in each set, so you know the basics of how each option works, then decide which option looks best for your application.

There are also a few advanced (or obscure) lessons that can wait until you've had some experience with J360Controller. Knowing what's in those lessons isn't essential to using J360Controller. To help you navigate quickly through the lessons that are best for you, we've created a trail that will take you through the first lesson for each of the three access options (marked with a green LED, below), and trails that will take you through all of the lessons for a single access option (those are marked with orange LEDs). The other, less essential lessons, are in a trail of their own (marked with a blue LED).

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  Swing controls

  A few more things...